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Gallaudet University (Deaf College)

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Eye Conditions and Facts:

St. Luke’s Eye is very scientific and descriptive; check out Conditions A to Z for an incredibly thorough list of eye conditions, simulations, facts, etc.

National Eye Institute is less scientific or geared toward the medical field, bu very useful for those working with people experiencing low vision; check out the Photos, Images, and Videos and Health Information.

American Foundation for the Blind is a well recognized, professional resource of information. It has valuable info under Related Links about Eye Conditions, Seniors, Advocacy, etc. and Living with Vision Loss for SAIL staff to know and share with Southeast Alaska communities.

The Hadley School for the Blind offers info and courses to those who want specific training relating to Vision. Check out the Courses that are offered through correspondence.

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Small Business Administration ADA site

Juneau Information Service Technology (JIST)

Title VI Complaint Instructions and Form (PDF)

Long and Short Title VI Notice (PDF)